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Regarding the safety of infants and kids, swimming pools with bottom inclination are problematic. Part of the pool dept may not fit the abilities of them to manage themselves safely. And there is no barrier in the pool that would prevent them from moving to the dangerous section.

AGOR developed a system that solve this problem automatically in all its Movable Floors systems with bottom inclination, which behave as follows.

In  descending, upon pushing the Down Button, AGOR Movable Floors starts move down horizontally till the level of the pool shallow end depth, so until that level all the pool has the same depth, and only at that point the floor edge in the deep end side starts to move gradually downward till maximum depth. By this way the inclination angle is controlled also.

In ascending from that position, upon pushing the Up Button,  first the floor edge at the deep end side starts to move upward till it get the shallow side depth level, and the floor becomes horizontal; from that point upward it moves horizontally.

By this automatic movement characters, the pool has evenly depth in all its area when the main users are infants and kids. When a slope is required – the inclination angle is controlled all along the pool by push button.

As far as we know, AGOR is the only one, worldwide, who provide such a safety feature.

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