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Every AGOR project is based on our innovative technology and keen understanding of the engineering design and manufacturing process. We welcome any challenge and we are constantly inventing new ways to define and redefine the space in which you live, work or play.

Moveable Floors for Swimming Pools

Custom designed to meet any architectural or structural requirements, AGOR’s moveable floors for swimming pools are designed and manufactured to enable full architectural flexibility.

Our moveable floors offer two key features – a water-based hydraulic system and a stainless steel floor. These features, as well as the overall system, are applied using the highest quality materials and components available. This guarantees clients’ peace of mind when hydraulics are deployed inside a swimming pool.

Our stainless steel floors are made from highly durable and reliable materials, virtually the only type of material that can safely and securely be deployed in a swimming pool. Uniquely designed and crafted, AGOR’s stainless steel floors are exceptionally resilient – strong enough to dance on.

Custom Designs

AGOR offers a variety of custom designs for residential and public spaces. From moveable Jacuzzi covers to sliding roofs and retractable or expandable walls and windows, AGOR can transform virtually any space into a functional and attractive venue.

We work closely with our clients’ architects and interior designers to provide innovative solutions to virtually every design challenge.